Waste Management

ASDAA Waste Management Services always aim to preserve the environment in line with the Government guidelines. This division specializes in collecting waste from the points of origin. It is equipped with up-to-date waste removal trucks and is set -up with modern compactors. Our waste collection systems are for residential and commercial developments, power, water, oil, petrochemical, construction, hospitals, airports etc.

Solid Waste Collection:

The division offers a wide range of solid waste management services and solutions and is engaged in the transport of the following from industrial houses, companies, construction sites, shopping malls, hotels, schools, residential complexes with compactors, skip lugers and waste containers of various sizes.

Liquid Waste Collection:

Over the years, we have established a reputation for being the trusted Liquid waste management and disposal company. We are equipped with fleets of tankers and vacuum tankers with capacity of more than 4000 metric tones. We handle domestic waste or sewage waste from labour camps, construction sites, hotels and other establishments.



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